Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Australia | Serandipians Preferred Destination


Australia has strong appeal for sophisticated global travellers and experience-seekers. Australia’s style of luxury offers exclusive and unique ‘only in Australia’ life experiences for visitors who are looking for genuine connections with our people, country and cultures that they’ll remember forever, underpinned by the soft luxuries premium travellers expect. Conscious travellers will also find a commitment to sustainability in some of the most luxurious corners of the country, with a range of luxury lodges and experiences to choose from.

Australia’s unique differences across a wider body of premium product can be discovered via a series of themes which resonate with the kinds of experiences high-end travellers seek. Nature and wildlife your thing? Meet native wildlife up close and personal on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Fancy a bit of culture? The oldest living culture on the planet? Connect with the spirit of Australia with a local Aboriginal guide. Love good food and wine? You’ve picked THE perfect destination.

The range of Australia’s boutique, luxury, high-end experiential travel offering has evolved significantly over the past decade: ‘Live like a local’ boutique city hotels; ‘hands-on’ guided experiences covering culinary, active, Indigenous and art insights by expert guides and often exclusive behind the scenes access; private jet or helicopter journeys; safari–style access with knowledgeable guides into areas of untouched and diverse wilderness. All designed to welcome guests to our incredibly diverse and uncrowded home, with all the soft touches that define the new luxury.

Key to any luxury holiday are the people who really bring it to life. Ultimately, these are the destination and experience specialists with the knowledge to share eloquent and meaningful, uniquely Australian stories about the Indigenous culture, wildlife, geology, food and lifestyle. This is where the value of a Destination Management Company (DMC) is highlighted, with Australia’s premium DMCs top curators of high-end Australian itineraries. They are key to finding people, places and experiences that cannot be booked otherwise. The most exclusive, truly bespoke experiences are only available through very limited channels. Think private access and introductions, behind the scenes visits, connections with experts and knowledgeable local characters who are specialist guides. Learn more and watch our Value of an Australian DMC video below.


Tourism Australia’s new global campaign, Come and Say G’Day, is unmistakably Australia and is set to remind international travellers why There’s Nothing Like Australia. Our new Brand Ambassador, Ruby the plush souvenir kangaroo, is at the heart of this campaign in extending the warm Australian welcome to Come and Say G’Day. A feature of the campaign is a live-action short film – starring Ruby alongside other CGI animated characters including Louie the toy unicorn. Together Ruby and Louie share an extraordinary journey as they make their way across Australia experiencing some of our most iconic tourism destinations as well as experiences that may surprise and delight.

These elements of the campaign feature unique ‘only in Australia’ life experiences to inspire your clients to go beyond and explore the depth and diversity of exclusive, world-class experiences on offer. We encourage our valued trade partners to leverage the new campaign by visiting Tourism Australia’s Trade Resources Hub to access the campaign partner toolkit and a range of videos, images, monthly product Hot Lists, articles, content and much more available for you to repurpose across your owned channels and share with clients.




Through the Signature Experiences of Australia program, Tourism Australia partners with select group of industry marketing collectives to promote a diverse range of outstanding experiences that tap into travellers’ passions points and special interests. Each collective offers a single point of reference across a great depth of compelling and uniquely Australian experiences – from luxury lodges and camps, to golfing holidays, prestigious wineries, fishing adventures, guided walks, wildlife encounters, cultural attractions, and Aboriginal-guided experiences.

Signature Experiences of Australia:
The Signature Experiences of Australia collectives are the heart and lungs of Australia’s premium and luxury product, with 8 collectives representing over 170 businesses delivering 700+ commissionable experiences.

Australian Wildlife Journeys
Australian Wildlife Journeys is a group of expert wildlife travel operators passionate about raising the profile of responsible wildlife encounters combined with world-class hospitality.

Cultural Attractions of Australia
Cultural Attractions of Australia celebrates the diverse ethnic, cultural and sporting influences that have shaped and defined who we are as a nation.

Discover Aboriginal Experiences Australia
Discover Aboriginal Experiences showcases the world’s oldest living culture through the cornerstones of cultural insight, authenticity, and meaningful connection.

Great Fishing Adventures of Australia
Great Fishing Adventures of Australia features some of our best fishing experiences, from saltwater and freshwater fishing to deep sea and fly-fishing adventures.

Great Golf Courses of Australia
Great Golf Courses of Australia shines the spotlight on Australia’s leading golf courses which are celebrated for their world class design, spectacular settings and proximity to major cities and regional destinations.

Great Walks of Australia
Great Walks of Australia represents a premium collection of guided multiday walking experiences that engage walkers in some of the world’s most spectacular terrain and iconic landscapes.

Luxury Lodges of Australia
Luxury Lodges of Australia is an extensive collection of the best high-end lodges and camps, located across diverse regions of Australia.

Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia
Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia is a select group of award-winning Australian wineries offering experiences ‘beyond the cellar door’ based around world-class wines, warm and knowledgeable hospitality, and culinary excellence.


With endless pristine coastline, stunning beaches, countless islands and three world heritage reefs, there are a number of truly exclusive and one of kind experiences on offer for all types of travellers visiting Australia. These uncrowded beaches and waterways and pure waters are made accessible to our premium guests via globally acknowledged island lodges and resorts, super yachts, life-changing experiences, and some truly inspirational people to help guests, immerse.


Australia’s cities are vibrant, clean, safe, and enticing. Small by global city standards but highly accessible and sophisticated yet laid back in nature. Preferred Traveller Made properties in city centre include The Langham, Sydney, and COMO The Treasury in Perth. Each capital city boasts an array of luxury hotels which are highly accessible, sophisticated yet down to earth in nature.


Australia is one of the most desired destinations for high-end adventure and discovery holidays for families. It is safe but adventurous, friendly, and accessible, with many life-changing, utterly memorable experiences for families to share.


Active experiences for soft adventure seekers and travellers who just want to move. This can be active foodies, soft adventure seekers or people who just want to feel the pleasure of well-being through activity. From hiking to cycling, surfing to sailing, on water, land or in the air, being active is part of the Australian way of life and a great way to see the country.


Food is a vital ingredient for global travellers. Outstanding food and wine experiences have become an integral part of the luxury landscape in Australia – a real highlight and differentiator. Australia’s dining scene is significant and dynamic … but the food scene is so much richer than a list of restaurants. There are a growing number of carefully and cleverly delivered hands-on experiences: opportunities to meet and cook with leading chefs, cooking classes, truffle hunts and farm gate tours offering a more personal connection to the provenance and luxury of our incredible produce.





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