Marseille Tourisme


Marseille : Unexpected, Trendy & Authentic

Marseille, capital of Provence is a renewed stunning place with 2600 years of fascinating history.
With its 57 km of coastline, its 10,000 hectares of green and natural areas the sunniest city of France enjoys an exceptional environment. A quality of life that meets the needs of both locals and tourists in search of nature, outdoor activities, wide open spaces and a « return to the green ».
New museums and galleries sprout. Trendy restaurants and bars abound. New Luxury 4 and 5 stars Hotel open, tailormade experiences. The 21st-century city is recapturing the trading grandeur of the 19th century. It’s got a sophisticated swagger as it aspires to regain its world city status.
In 2023 and 2024, Marseille will be again at the world scene thanks to 6 games during the Rugby World Cup and all the sailing races for the Olympic Games.
In addition, there is a more confidential, experiential, upmarket tourism that retains its authenticity : A perfect starting point to visit the authentic Provence and French Riviera !
Marseille is a city that stands apart, and that is precisely why you should go !

Marseille Goes Green!

In keeping with the times and the challenges of this era, Marseille continually seeks to make even more room for development and sustainable tourism. This implies, in particular, the setting up of sustainable tourist routes at every level, and the mobilization of engaged players from across the entire tourist ecosystem. While this work to make Marseille a greener city will always be on our agenda, the first steps put in place to preserve its biodiversity are already bearing fruit! Like the new rare species that have been found in the Calanques National Park.

Then enjoy the park discovery by choosing resptectful on land and at sea activités such as Hiking, kayaking, scuba-diving, paddling, sailing on a electric boat or on the 1930 sailing ship…

Art & Culture

2022 will be the year with a unique cultural event : Opening in june, the Cosquer Cave Replica : a faithful restitution of the submerged cave and its artistic treasures, dating back 33 000 BC!
Marseille, the capital of Provence was rated in 2019 in the Top 50 places to visit in the world by the « New York Times ». It’s a destination on the go since its nomination as the European Capital of Culture in 2013.
It’s new symbol : the MuCem (National Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations) even won the 2015 Council of Europe museum prize! An other major architectural highlight is La Cité Radieuse (the radiant city) from Le Corbusier ranked at the UNESCO World heritage Site in 2016.
With its 2600 years of existence, the dean of French cities abounds with stories that are increasingly unbelievable. Discovering Marseille therefore consists of plunging into a great book to better understand its extraordinary heritage, its monuments, its 111 districts and its new cultural edifices and areas designed by internationally acclaimed architects such as Sir Norman Foster, Mrs Zaha Hadid, Mr Jean Nouvel…
Marseille certainly will surprise you by its metamorphosis : Ready to follow an unexpected guided tour of Marseille ?

A Colorful Gastronomy

Today the world of gastronomy is breaking codes, reinventing, renaming, resuscitating, and revamping, never totally sticking to what was done before. Capital of Gastronomy in 2019, Marseille does not go against the new food diktats. It has even risen to the top of the list of ‘Best Dining Destinations’. Off the beaten track and far from local clichés and tourist traps, in Marseille we eat authentically without chichi…except when eating chichis frégis.( Plain donuts).
Many things to pique one’s curiosity and please the palates of hearty eaters and discerning gourmets. A little tour of the city’s best culinary classics is perhaps what is missing to help a visitor discover Marseille in all its authenticity, and even create their own route with its own unique flavour !
Choose between a traditional Bouillabaisse or a beef stew, the Authentic Aïoli ( cod fish with a garlic Mayonnaise ), A pizza from a truck, or a delicious starred dinner with a sea view…
For kids, grab a chichi Fregis (donut) during the afternoon or taste the orange blossom Ice cream « Navette », push the doors of all traditional bakeries and let yourself be enchanted by the smell of brioches and fresh croissants…

Shopping : The Best Buys

With nearly 15,000 shops, Marseille has emerged as a true shopping destination. Wandering through the multiple historic districts of the city, one unearths the best of Marseilles’ creations: from home decor to fashion via design, art and vintage. Something to please every taste, every style, and every desire! In recent years, Marseille has become a breeding ground for fashion, jewellery, and home décor designers. Many have gone beyond the city’s borders to achieve national, and even international notoriety: Sessùn, Jacquemus, American Vintage, Veja, Reiko, Jott, Pain de Sucre, as well as Gas Bijoux and Ginette NY. Marseille also is home to the Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (Mediterranean House of Fashion Metiers, aka MMMM), founded by Maryline Bellieud-Vigouroux in 1988, which develops and supports regional designers.

Why Choosing Marseille ?

Give us the pleasure to tickle your curiosity with this special stay…Settle in one of our 5 star hotels, discover Marseille by Side-Car, and during your visit, stop at the Vallon des Auffes, a postcard harbor, for a private aperitif -Pétanque. Back in your sidecar, let yourself be guided at the entrance of the Calanques National Park for a bouillabaisse course with a local chef in a traditional Fishermen’s hut. Change you mean of transportation for a century-old sailing boat and set sail in the bay of Marseille with a special stopover at the Château d’If ( Count of Monte Cristo Prison) for an unusual visit.
Back to the Old Port, walk up the hill of La Garde, to discover the Basilica at sunset, a privileged moment far from the traditional visit… Finally, succumb to one of our starred Marseilles restaurants to celebrate the this exceptional day.