St. Moritz


St. Moritz is an extraordinary alpine resort at 1,800 m above sea level. Surrounded by an alpine landscape of mountains and lakes, St. Moritz offers guests and locals alike a cosmopolitan wealth of experiences throughout the year. When it comes to infrastructure, offer and renown, St. Moritz is uniquely international in its aspirations. And it certainly shies no comparison with metropolitan cities such as New York, London and Zurich when it comes to cosmopolitan flair. St. Moritz is home to the world. Here glamour, lifestyle, sport and nature as its most rugged blend into an exclusive cocktail that outshines any major city. Here cosmopolitan lifestyle, stellar events, culinary indulgence and design converge to shape the distinctive and extraordinary atmosphere that characterises St. Moritz.


They are as much a part of St. Moritz as the climate, which has often been compared to sparkling champagne. No mountain resort anywhere has such a high density of luxury hotels. The Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, the Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski, the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz and the Suvretta House are stunning, splendidly furnished establishments that mirror and echo big-city cosmopolitan flair and lifestyle. Indeed, it is precisely these magnificent hotels that have made the urbane holiday resort in the Swiss Alps famous around the globe. The grand hotels of St. Moritz are in a league all of their own. They always have been. Nowhere else does architectural elegance blend so uniquely with a vibrant tradition and unspoiled natural surroundings.


Andy Warhol, Julian Schnabel, Alberto Giacometti, Giovanni Segantini, Ferdinand Hodler – St. Moritz had them all. The cosmopolitan alpine resort has always appealed to artists and thinkers as a location filled with natural energy, as a retreat for renowned writers, and as a source of inspiration for significant painters. The creative legacy of many artists has left indelible traces behind, a fact to which numerous exhibitions, galleries, and museums in and around St. Moritz are testimony. Many famous artists have found inspiration and, in some cases, even a second home here in the vibrant resort of St. Moritz. The internationally renowned Segantini Museum for example houses the world’s most comprehensive exhibition of works by the outstanding artist Giovanni Segantini.


The diversity of events and activities in St. Moritz is truly unique. Events such as the St. Moritz Art Masters festival, the White Turf horse race and the Festival da Jazz draw people from all over the world to this Alpine resort, while the area’s exclusive spas and idyllic carriage rides ensure there is plenty of rest and relaxation too.


St. Moritz is a culinary melting pot, as it were. Gourmet restaurants, historic grand restaurants, simple taverns and eateries, modern lounges, luxurious gourmet temples: here the guest is certainly king and the cuisine both alpine and cosmopolitan.


Winter sports are as much a part of St. Moritz as the sunny weather; after all, it was up here, at 1,800 meters, that they were invented. But even in summer, St. Moritz offers almost endless possibilities for sports enthusiasts and those seeking outdoor activities. St. Moritz is home not just to the 42 most famous cross-country ski trails in Switzerland, but also to the legendary Maloja wind, which attracts kite surfers from all over the world, winter and summer. With 88 pistes and four large and five small ski areas, the region in and around St. Moritz is a paradise for both experienced and less well-versed winter sports enthusiasts.


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