Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination
Switzerland Tourism | Serandipians Preferred Destination


Switzerland is a unique holiday destination in the heart of the Alps offering a great variety of landscapes, languages, cultures, lifestyles, and recreational activities all in a small area. Everything is perfectly organised, from the transportation system to accommodations and attractions. No other alpine destination offers such a big diversity with four different languages and cultures, the prettiest old towns in Europe, more lakes and rivers and more Gault Millaut point in gastronomy than anywhere else. This combination of diverse experiences and impeccable services make Switzerland an exceptional luxury holiday destination.
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Switzerland is perfectly located in the heart of Europe with daily flights to Zürich, Geneva and Basel. Furthermore, the country is connected to the European High-Speed rail network.


Public transport in Switzerland is highly reliable and will take passengers to even the most remote valley – quickly, in comfort and right on time. Working like a Swiss watch and at the same time climate friendly with electricity for its trains generated from hydropower at the rate of 90%. 
The convenient all-in-one ticket Swiss Travel Pass is the key to Switzerland’s public transport network and enables visitors to explore Switzerland from end to end by train, bus, and boat to get anywhere in the country.
Learn more and become a Swiss public transport expert with the help of the Swiss Travel System e-learning.


The majestic mountains are an iconic landmark of Switzerland. They dominate the landscape and exude a dignified strength that colors the experiences of visitors and locals alike. Discover unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenery in the heart of the Alps, including the most attractive peaks and stunning vistas. Enjoy Switzerland, its mountains, lakes and rivers at your own pace all year round.


Between the peaks and the lakes, the country is inhabited by people who have chosen to bring their four different languages and cultures together as a common nation.
The Swiss build things to last and have been fortunate enough to have been largely spared from war and natural disasters. That is why many town centers are in an excellent state of preservation, inviting visitors to go on architectural forays through the styles of the past thousand years. Romantic alleyways, people in love with life, designer boutiques and modern architecture are all within easy walking distance. Swiss cities offer a wealth of museums, shopping and entertainment—convenient and authentic.


Switzerland‘s legendary hospitality – a unique selection of hotels and accommodations as diverse as the country itself. From unique boutiques and to luxury resorts and five-star hotels can be enjoyed in beautifully renovated Belle Epoque Palaces to brand new properties with world-class spas built by renowned architects. Renowned for their fine hospitality, the Swiss have been looking after guests for centuries, know how to cater to every taste and go the extra mile for your luxury experience.
Everyone knows Switzerland is famous for cheese and chocolate. But we also love our local specialties, our apéros and most of all the amazing views where we share our culinary highlights.


There are many great reasons to visit Switzerland: the fresh mountain air, the healing thermal springs and the exceptional reputation of its medical treatments, to name but a few.
Switzerland provides first-class medical services in almost all specialist areas. Renowned specialists and state-of-the-art hospitals offer innovative treatment methods. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the Swiss healthcare system has been recognised as the best in the whole of Europe.

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Untouched nature touches our hearts. As a travel destination, Switzerland is synonymous with spectacular mountains, wild gorges and mystical forests; our nature has the power to provide energy. We aim to preserve this – for many generations to come.
Sustainable travel doesn’t necessarily mean having to go without. Sustainable travel means greater awareness and depth and more enjoyment. With this in mind, Switzerland follows its own sustainability strategy: Swisstainable.
Swisstainable is all about having one’s finger on the pulse – and maximum relaxation in a natural setting:   
· Enjoy nature up close and at first hand 
· Experience the local culture in an authentic way 
· Consume regional products 
· Stay for longer and delve deeper
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Discover Switzerland’s exclusive aspects: exquisite gourmet restaurants, stylish 5-star hotels, world-class events, and unique experiences. 
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Vineyards of Lavaux
At 800 hectares, the terraced vineyards of the UNESCO region Lavaux form Switzerland’s largest contiguous vineyard area with terrace after terrace offering magnificent views. Visit one of the family-run wineries where the passionate winemakers take guests on a walk through the vineyard – followed by a visit to the cellar to taste the precious drops and learn more about the regional wine culture, the works and its fruits.

For centuries, Switzerland has been world-renowned for its watches. Discover the fascinating world of mechanical watchmaking. A master watchmaker will introduce you to the practical and theoretical secrets of mechanical watchmaking. With a screwdriver and tweezers in hand, bring the mechanism at the heart of the watch you are building to life.

Grand Tour of Switzerland – BROCHURE
From palm-lined lakeshores to sparkling glaciers, from medieval villages to buzzing cities – the Grand Tour of Switzerland packs in an incredible number of sights.
Marvel at the sunrise over the Matterhorn at least once in your lifetime. Don’t miss wandering through the vineyards of the winemaking villages of the Lavaux. Or conquering the cobblestoned Tremola on the south side of the Gotthard Pass. The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a magnificent holiday and driving experience – and a concentration of all things Swiss: this 1600 km road trip spans four linguistic regions, leads across five Alpine passes to 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites along 22 stunning lakes.
The Grand Tour of Switzerland is also the world’s first road trip for electric vehicles. A dense network of charging stations ensures power over the entire route and consequently guarantees comfortable and clean driving pleasure. 
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Grand Tour Deluxe
The new luxury road trip through Switzerland!
The Grand Tour Deluxe combines the tourism highlights of Switzerland along the Grand Tour of Switzerland with 39 exclusive Swiss Deluxe Hotels to create a truly extraordinary experience. Choose from one of four deluxe themed routes: “Art Museums and Boutique Cities”, “Alpine Mountain Passes”, “UNESCO World Heritage Sites” and “Wellness, Spas & Water”. Each route offers a luxurious and unique holiday experience for all road trippers, whether by car, electric car or motorbike. Touring fans will experience the sights of Switzerland and delight in the excellence of Swiss luxury hotels.
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Grand Train Tour of Switzerland – BROCHURE
The Swiss panorama routes never fail to fascinate. Once you’ve acquired this special taste for travel, the temptation is irresistible. So why not take the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.
11 large lakes, 4 official languages, 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 1,280 kilometres of magnificent view in between: On the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland, panoramic trains take you to all the highlights and sights in Switzerland, year-round. Get in, lean back and enjoy – wherever you like.
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