Canada, flying over Quebec


Nowadays conformity, superficiality and depression are basics. Good news though: there is a remedy for all of this. Which remedy?

A trip of course Largest province in the country, Quebec is kind of a haven for amazing scenery and rich culture. And this is both on land, sea and air, so you do not miss anything the region offers.

In the air, the experience is simply exceptional. This is on a private seaplane that travelers will have the privilege to discover the beauty of Quebec. It all starts in Montreal where the takeoff in front of astonished passers is a significant start and represents perfectly the dream experience which will follow. Then as by imitation, it will be the passenger’s eyes écarquilleront a little more each time when flying over the capital of Quebec. And from there, it’s tailor-made. Whatever passengers want to do, wherever they want to go, regardless of the places they wish to visit, they will be the sole masters on board. And the least we can say is that the available options are far, very far from being limited.


From Tadoussac village to St Lawrence River, everything is giant and exceptional. People really feel like they are living a privileged journey. Member of “The Most Beautiful Bays of the world Club”, Tadoussac is also the perfect place to meet whales. In Quebec’s Chateau Frontenac visitors will discover a civilization with a relatively recent history but also an already stacked one. Flying over Saguenay and its Fjord, one of the largest in the world, is quite striking. The minute you see it, you realize what colossal forces nature had to deploy to make it appear. If the experience has proved itself up to the expectations, there is nothing else to do but take the stick yourself! And it is possible for one or two days of training in the area around Montreal.

For the cultural side of the journey, it will happen on land. From Montreal to Wendake, from Quebec to Tadoussac, it is Quebec’s culture in its entirety that is reviewed. And like in the air, the steps are determined by travelers so that they are only masters of their journey. At Odanak, the Abenakis Museum remains a step people usually do not want to miss. This nation is now and from the 17th century installed on the banks of the St. Francis River. And to discover its history, a private visit is ensured. At Wendake, the main attraction is the Huron Wendat museum. This museum allows to get acquainted with culture and arts of the Wendat people and with those of other First Nations. Other sites of historic or architectural interest such as the Notre Dame de Lorette homes or Aroüanne Tsawenhohi show the evolution of the Huron-Wendat nation to a different lifestyle. Eventually it will be time to join Quebec. And the city is no exception to the rule, travelers do not miss anything there : Chateau Frontenac, the Citadelle, Notre-Dame de Quebec, the fortifications, the Old Port and Place Royale and some new places are many sites to see and fully appreciate.

Eventually Canada and Quebec in particular are areas where rivers, oceans and lakes are an important part of the territory. Impossible then to consider a stay there without getting your feet wet. To remedy this, a zodiac ride for half a day is planned. What is the goal of this trip? Simply to get as close as possible from these giants of the sea that are the whales. That experience is just breathtaking, as is the rest of this great trip.


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