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logoGonzalo Del Campo offers exclusive sales representation for a select group of hotels and resorts, working with the most important and luxurious travel agencies in Latin America. Our mission is to expand sales, generate fruitful relations and publicize the hotel among agencies, wholesalers and incentive houses in Mexico and South America.
With over 16 years’ experience, an extensive network of contacts and exclusive suppliers, we have built trust and credibility when conducting business in the region. Our annual strategic scheme to the major cities such as Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay and Paraguay travel helps us provide the best service to our customers. These visits allow us to meet personally with the customers, make sales presentations, train agents, negotiate in an efficient manner in relation to sales and marketing thereby increasing the business of the properties represented.



Today it is a real honor to represent 27 amazing properties located around the world: Brazil, China, France, Japan, Peru, Philippines, Spain, Thailand & United States.
Many properties are Signature, Virtuoso, Relais & Châteaux & Traveller Made.



2010 The company Gonzalo Del Campo Hotels & Resorts is created representing 4 properties.
2011 Gonzalo Del Campo Hotels & Resorts opens offices in Santiago de Chile as main office.
2011 Gonzalo Del Campo Hotels & Resorts was hired to develop a Boutique Hotel in Santiago de Chile that later would become part of his group.
2012 With 17 properties Gonzalo Del Campo Hotels & Resorts moves its main office back to Buenos Aires because of the geographical location and it is a closer Brazil.
2013 Gonzalo Del Campo Hotels & Resorts is representing 20 properties around the world.
2014 key moment for Gonzalo Del Campo Hotels & Resorts incorporating Miguel Hufnagel, current sales manager, having worked more than 7 years in Four Seasons.
2014 We start to represent The Peninsula Hotels, our most important client worldwide.
2014 Gonzalo Del Campo Hotels & Resorts inaugurated its new headquarters in Buenos Aires.
2015 With the need to professionalize more the communications; Constanza Perez Iturraspe, graduated in graphic design and communication, is incorporated to the team.
2016 With the continuing growth and development of the company, we are representing more unique / exclusive properties and we have currently 27 hotels.





• Represent the future openings of The Peninsula Hotels: Istanbul, Yangon & London
• Opening offices in other cities of South America.
• Use of new technology to reach more clients.
• Project of buying a hotel in Argentina.


Av. Del Libertador 15840 Office 102
San Isidro – Buenos Aires.
CP 1642 – Argentina.
Tel: +5411 5263-3888