Italian Hospitality Collection




Italian Hospitality Collection is a portfolio of hotels, resorts & spas devoted to curating moments of distinction, deeply rooted in local culture and heritage, that create memorable experiences with emotional impact.By gifting each of our properties a sense of individuality, we create experiences that capture the splendour of the local environment that uplift the human spirit and engage the senses.
We ensure our employees carry a decisive blend of knowledge and ability, necessary to convey trust and confidence in our name. Every employee has a heartfelt belief in bestowing exceptional guest service by gifting individualised attention, genuine warmth, and a passion to serve. By embracing all of this, our ultimate aim is to achieve excellence in the magic we call hospitality.


Our brand personality & values :
Honest, Sincere, Friendly, Spirited, Individual, Independent, Intelligent, Hard Working, Confident, Upper-Class, Charming, Secure.

Our vision : 
Is to ensure every guest feels like they are the only thing in the world that matters.

Our mission
Is to acquire world-class hotel, resort and spa hospitality experiences that position the company as the number one Italian hospitality brand in Europe.
We seek to provide rich, rewarding and authentic experiences for avid travellers who seek to feel loved, cherished and indulged in a lifestyle that embodies the splendour of all things Italian.

Our promise
Passion intensifies our focus and fills our world with confidence.
Passion helps us to become more proactive, more willing to work as a team, and more optimistic.
Passion helps everyone feel excited about the journey ahead.
Passion enables us to create value for our guests by leading the way, not showing the way.
Passion provides the drive and determination to persevere and to pursue excellence.
Passion is in every Italian’s DNA.


December 2014 – Italian Hospitality Collection was founded with the merger of four properties, Chia Laguna in Sardinia, Fonteverde, Bagni di Pisa and Grotta Giusti in Tuscany
April 2015 – after just one year from foundation, the new company launches its complete rebrand. 
October 2016 – Italian Hospitality Collection launches its new revolutionary wellness philosophy Equilibrium
2017 – Italian Hospitality Collection wins one of the most prestigious awards: the 2017 Seven Stars Boutique Hotel Group. It was awarded to us in recognition of our hospitality philosophy and what we do every day to put it into practice and offer it to every guest we welcome. People who stay at Fonteverde, Bagni di Pisa, Grotta Giusti and Chia Laguna will find the very best traditional Italian hospitality, first-rate hotels and spas, and unique and unforgettable experiences. Besides the Seven Stars Boutique Hotel Group 2017 award, we also received another: Chia Laguna won the Seven Stars Family Resort award for an aspect of hospitality that we hold particularly dear, especially at our beach resort in Sardinia.
2018 – Grand opening Le Massif, Courmayeur, December 2018





Head Office
Via Messina 28
20154 – Milano, Italy
Tel. +30 02 84540684



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Equilibrium is our brand new philosophy of wellness that uses innovative holistic practices to establish permanent change in the way we live.
The programme of treatments is based on a modern concept that integrates nutrition, fitness, relaxation, thermal therapeutic treatments, beauty care, and contact with nature to instil an unrivalled sense of wellbeing.
Equilibrium is the ideal solution for losing weight, detoxifying the body and reducing overall stress to enhance wellbeing and start living a healthier lifestyle.

The thrill and excitement of a physical challenge are what gets us going, and our hotels offer a diverse range of sports and activities to entertain all levels and interests. From water windsurfing, water skiing, tennis, and triathlon training to yoga sessions, canoeing, nature excursions and a world-class football academy, there’s something for everyone so you can turn any stay into an active holiday.

Inspired by authentic recipes that have made us world-renowned, and perfected with the passion and creativity of our master chefs, our culinary offerings promise to be a festival of flavour. Using only the freshest ingredients, our restaurants offer guests authentic Sardinian and Tuscan masterpieces, along with a variety of international cuisine that bring the tastes of the world to your plate.

Wine Cellars
Tuscany is a land where culinary traditions, food and wine are valued and cultivated with passion. The region offers a wide variety of fine wines, produced in historic cellars, with the grapes of the vineyards that colour the valleys. Our sommeliers will guide you through your wine tasting experience, which will be accompanied by small samples of typical Tuscan specialities. Our wines are also available for purchase as souvenirs for friends and family.

Exclusive Cosmetic Line
Our Thermal Spa offers specific treatments for the face and body, which use the cosmetic line Eteria Divine and Eteria Radiance by Fonteverde. These high-quality products, rich with precious Amazonian phyto oils, render the skin radiant, firm and elastic. The contribution of active ingredients such as elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid and grape stem cells also help smooth fine lines and erase sunspots.