Le Bureau Parisien


Le Bureau Parisien provides outsourced sales, press, marketing and business development services for companies operating in the luxury hospitality industry.
We have for objective to work closely with our clients in their sales/press/marketing efforts so as to best increase their market shares as well as to boost their annual turnover on the French speaking market.


Le Bureau Parisien

For over 16 years and operating on an external sales & press consultant basis on the French speaking market, Le Bureau Parisien has enabled establishments of the luxury hospitality industry to concentrate on their core business: customer satisfaction.


• 2003: company creation
• 2006: signature of the On Rivington NYC, which Le Bureau Parisien placed as a top 3 best sellers in NYC on the French market for 2 years.
• 2008: opening of The Greenwich Hotel NYC (Robert De Niro’s property) and representation by Le Bureau Parisien
• 2013: introduction into the Indian market with the representation of The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts account
• 2014: introduction into the Indian Ocean & Africa markets with the representation of The Residence Hotels & Resorts by Cenizato account
• 2015: representation of The Savoy Resort & Spa and Coral Strand Seychelles hotels
• 2018: representation of the OTT group with The Smetana Hotel and La Residence Paris
• 2019: introduction into the Middle East market with the representation of ANHR Group (Al Nahda properties and Sahab Resort & Spa).
• 2019: to come, representation of Le Domaine de St Medard property, in France.



28, rue du Mont Thabor
75001 Paris