EPITOME stands on the apex of luxury marketing and communication services, offering bespoke and effective solutions all across the travel, hospitality, lifestyle and luxury goods sectors. We provide unrivaled expertise for the creation of customized, integrated marketing that targets high-net-worth global audiences, offering premium strategic solutions in marketing, media planning and buying, digital marketing and social media, content creation, PR and events.

At EPITOME, we know how to blend sales experience, market know-how and a super-talented team of creatives in order to generate the most meaningful and enduring interactive experiences for luxury brands. With intelligence, simplicity and a love for the essential, we curate products and services that ignite the imagination, titillate the senses and nurture the soul.


1998-2011 Thanos Hotels – Anassa-Almyra- Annabelle
2012-2015 Amanzoe – Amanresorts
2015-2017 Epitome 


Canaves Hotel & Suites OIA, Santorini
Poseidonion Grand Hotel, Spetses
Elounda Gulf Villas, Crete
Kivotos, Mykonos
Private Estate Erosantorini, Private Place, Santorini


We are a team of inspired thinkers and creative doers, ready to help your business grow and make your product fly. Years of experience have taught us the power of interpersonal relationships and how personal interaction forms the basis of long-lasting business and success; therefore, we have embraced this formula and fused it into our culture from day one. Our heart lies with synergies: we are always striving towards that inspiring moment when two parties meet their other half and make sparks fly —the moment when a new entity is born and becomes the vessel to explore new horizons.


EPITOME.xyz is a versatile digital platform created to explore the connection between travel and passion. At the heart of this brand new media outpost lies the understanding of a very simple yet often overlooked fact: we travel because we are moved by the things we are passionate about. Be it heading to a city to visit an exhibition celebrating local creativity, seeking out a hotel that captures a perfect design aesthetic or journeying to far-flung corners of the world in search of wondrous, soul-comforting cuisine, very often it is our other loves —and not mere wanderlust or the need for a holiday— that push us to get on the road.
A celebration of these relationships, EPITOME.xyz is here to fuel your next lifestyle experience. On its crisp and fuss-free pages you will find concise editorials and stories about where to stay, whom to meet, what treats to let yourself indulge in, and how to best spend your time in a hand-picked selection of destinations all across Greece. Designed to cut through the clutter, EPITOME.xyz is the only resource discerning travellers and travel designers will need in order to get the inside scoop on inspiring destinations in Greece and the Mediterranean.



15 Anthemidos Street, Office 2,
4007 Limassol CYPRUS