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How it all began. Welcome Home!
When Maria and Josef Falkensteiner opened a small guesthouse in 1957 in the Pustertal Valley in South Tyrol, nobody could have imagined that in just over 60 years it would develop into one of the most successful family-run holiday hotel groups in Central Europe.
« The decisive factor was that we always saw ourselves as a family business and never forgot our South Tyrolean roots », Erich Falkensteiner.
Even as an internationally operating hotel company with 27 hotels and 3 apartment complexes in 7 countries, we have managed to maintain the individuality and specific character of each individual house.

The Falkensteiner Hospitality Philosophy
Alpine down-to-earthness, Austrian reliability and a Mediterranean attitude to life are combined with family values and genuine hospitality. A combination that you will feel in every one of our hotels – in the architecture, the culinary offer, the quality and the unique feeling of being « at home » nowhere better than in a Falkenstein hotel. In this sense « Welcome Home!
« The challenge is not to build a hotel, but to create a home, » says Erich Falkensteiner.

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We as Falkensteiner offer the safest choice of premium quality for your ideal vacation moments, tailor-made for every phase of life. With our active guest service, we bring you “magic moments” while inviting you to experience our South Tyrolean roots, indulging you with culinary delicacies, and providing Spa & Fitness offers for an altogether easygoing, casual vacation atmosphere.
Whether in the mountains or at the beach – what counts is the right choice of hotel. Gourmet-weekends, city trips, skiing vacations or a relaxing wellness trip – Falkensteiner offers the right hotel for every guest and makes holiday dreams come true.






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»Acqua pura« means »pure water«. Water plays a central role in the Acquapura SPA wellness concept at Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences. Water is our lifeblood and has incredible abilities. It stimulates blood circulation, activates metabolism and enhances overall well-being. Large areas of water, inspiring sauna areas, a wide array of treatments, and many more features of the Acquapura SPA foster relaxation, enjoyment, happiness, health, and vitality. We can only feel energetic and healthy if our cells have the best possible supply of water, nutrients and oxygen. Our ability to perform is also controlled by our biorhythm. Biorhythm is our inner clock that determines whether we are awake or asleep, tired or active. These phases are reflected not only over the course of a day, but also in the four seasons.

Luxury for all senses.
For a perfect holiday, we believe the cuisine must mirror the expectations the ambience sets. Which is exactly what we set out to do at each and every one of Luxury for all senses.
For a perfect holiday, we believe the cuisine must mirror the expectations the ambience sets. Which is exactly what we set out to do at each and every one of our Falkensteiner Hotels.
Delicious dishes and drinks are vital to the Falkensteiner holiday philosophy. Our mediterranean cuisine is a delightful blend of influences from different cultures and traditions found in our holiday destinations. It takes diners on a journey between southern temperament and Tyrolean simplicity and unpretenciousness, such as with both lamb and fish, or Mediterranean pasta and South Tyrolean dumpling soup. Healthy, innovative, and enriched with extraordinary specialities from each particular region. The variety we present in our menu is also reflected in our wine list. Last but not least, we take pride in our service being attentive, friendly, everpresent and yet unobtrusive.