Hotel Labs


Across the world away from the ordinary, Hotel Labs looks after some of the most noted and beloved hotels indicative of their location and we love sharing them with our travel partners. Luxury isn’t always about money, but more about matching experiences based on style, design, innovation and most importantly about unforgettable service.





Hotel Labs

Our collection is our pride and joy and our purpose is to identify our hotels’ specific needs and match them with the right movers and shakers and we aim to fully connect each hotel to today’s leading travel brands beyond the traditional way of luxury.


  • 2007 – Hotel Labs was created and incorporated in Miami.
  • 2010 – Hotel Labs established it’s second office in NYC.
  • 2011 – Hotel Labs is retained by LE Miami to serve as a brand ambassador looking after the US buyers.
  • 2012 – today – Hotel Labs continues to serve on the board for LE Miami
  • 2013 – Stephanie Lobato joins the team at Hotel Labs and is appointed as the office administrator
  • 2016 – Nicole Henry joins the team at Hotel Labs as Director of Sales and Marketing


More About

At Hotel Labs, we make everything about you and your hotel and we truly believe in intimate relationships, hence we are very hands on. Each hotel in our portfolio has something extraordinary about them whether it is the location, the design or its offerings and each hotel is individually and privately owned.


Committed to develop bespoke action plans, we tailor our course of action to fit our hotel’s individual needs. Hence, we quickly become the extended arm in the US. Our goal is to enhance US sales by linking each hotel to the desired travel alliances and we open up doors to top producing leisure agencies, private concierge services, publicist house, fashion companies, film studios, and more.



The most noted in the collection would be the spa at The Royal Crescent in Bath, and also Sixth Senses Spa at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay and Nobu Hotel Marbella.

 Haute cuisine/Restaurants

In the collection we feature several award winning restaurants such asDover House at The Royal Crescent Hotels and Spa in Bath, Nobu Malibu at NobuRyokan Malibu, Nobu Restaurant at NobuShoreditch,Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay and Nobu Hotel Marbella, and The Rock at Golden Rock Inn in Nevis.


255 W 23 Street, Suite 1AW, NYC, NY 10022
Phone: 646-673-2130