Lobster Experience


Lobster Experience was born from a vision of a unique luxury travel network that would embrace providers, media, tour operators and travel agencies leading to the who’s who of the travel industry. The desire for sales, marketing and PR consulting coming from a single hand was ignited together with the goal to turn luxury tourism upside-down with innovative ideas. From this approach, also loop evolved as a brand for brilliant industry events for our niche markets.
We believe in being different. We never stop exploring and we constantly claim the leading position in our marketplace by going the extra mile.
Divine, individually designed tourism products are like treasures: beautiful, valuable, rate unique and difficult to find –real hidden gems! How to track them down? And more importantly, how do you make them known and spread the word? Since 2007, Lobster Experience has been doing exactly that!


2007: Lobster Experience starts with Lobster Collection, the passionate sales & marketing experts

2008: Lobster Academy, the platform for sales training, is launched

2009: Lobster Communications, the innovative PR & communications company for successful campaigns, starts writing

2009: Lobster Event, the experts for extraordinary events with style, goes to work

2011: Little Lobster: the door-opener for privately owned hotels and individual products

2014: loop starts as the only luxury travel fair in the German-speaking market

2019: loop CEE, the leading luxury travel fair also conquers the Central & Eastern European market

2020: Making a virtue out of necessity: loop online goes live

2020: Lobster Destination serves destinations in the luxury sector

2021: loop MICE & reverse, the loop gets two new dedicated editions for the MICE industry and an incoming edition for the German-speaking market

2022: more innovations yet to come


Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Central & Eastern Europe (CEE)



Starkenburgring 12
63069 Offenbach
Telephone: +49 69 8300 675 00