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logo2_revpar_blancRevpar Marketing – Your Luxury Hotel Representation in Europe.
We are a multinational team with passion for unique luxury hotels with a soul and a story. We promote our exclusive portfolio of hotels & resorts to the high-end travel trade in the German-speaking markets, the UK, Spain, Scandinavia and Benelux. We are the only company covering several European key feeder markets directly- no joint ventures, no subcontracts, no alliances with other offices. We have strong relationships in place with top travel designers, tour operators, wholesalers, destination specialists, wedding organisers and incentive houses. Our services are ideal for hotels & resorts wishing to increase their market share from Europe and to be introduced to the exclusive network of travel professionals in this territory. Our ultimate objective is to help our client hotels maximize their REVPAR, profitability and competitive ranking.


  • 2011
    Founded in Barcelona



Phum Baitang, Cambodia

Omaanda, Windhoek East



Our background is in the luxury hotel industry, having held senior Sales & Marketing roles for renowned brands like Six Senses Resorts, Shangri-La and independent Leading Hotels, we understand the needs and challenges of luxury properties. We also know the demands of top travel designers and what motivates them to send their business to a particular property. We create the connection between the two – building the foundation for mutually productive, long-term cooperation and a steady flow of business. We also offer full consultancy on revenue management, pricing & positioning, strategic planning and online distribution.


Our portfolio will always be small and exclusive – we choose quality over quantity. Dedication and focus are the essence of our work, delivery is the promise to our clients.



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