Private Island in Scotland


Scotland is not necessarily a destination that thrills by its sandy beaches and hot sun …

But Scotland is primarily a country with an important history and a strong culture. The private island of Sanda is a perfect illustration.
Located on the west coast of Scotland, Sanda Island is a delight for nature lovers. And even more particularly for birds lovers. For its importance in regard to these flying specimens, migrating or breeding, the island was indeed designated site of scientific interest. It is a reference. On the island, a bird observatory has been built to witness the incredible wildlife on Sanda Island. Incredible is the perfect word as between 1980 and 2009 more than 5,000 birds have visited the island. Such a number is huge for a piece of land of 150 hectares. But why is such an assembly gathering on Sanda? It is mainly because of the large differences of relief on Sanda. Beaches, cliffs, hills and other rocks are all potential nesting sites for different species.

For history buffs, the island is also a center of interest. Sanda Island is indeed known to have had connections with several historical figures including family Bruce, William Wallace or St Ninian, who was the first evangelist to the north of Hadrian’s Wall. And all this can be privatized!

But even without privatization, the experience is intimate and private as only three cottages are available on Sanda Island. Each one is decorated in a very pretty way, both contemporary and of Scottish culture inspiration. The sea views from the cottages are surprising. Just steps away, the restaurant seats 30 people. The chef considers his own kitchen as a “fresh produces” kitchen, mainly based on herbs and spices. The dishes are inventive and the chef privileges tasty and original compositions to classic luxury meals. The scope of activities is pure and simple Scotland. Game fishing, shooting sessions and excursions to discover the fauna and flora are on the menu. And of course, Scotland would not be Scotland if there were not a golf course nearby. A few miles away from Campbeltown, the lovers of the little white ball can be exerted on the prestigious Machrihanish field.
In short, this stay on Sanda Island is a vacation to discover Scotland’s traditional in a unique setting. The whole thing custom-made.



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