MAY 2019
by, The Edgers

At The Edge of luxury travel -the Haute Villégiature gathering- a group of top tier travel suppliers and travel designers met, for the second time, to discuss and create business around the meta-luxury travel industry in outstanding conditions.
Not only has Haute Villégiature defined in a unique and explicit way what is “Luxury Travel” The Edge also re-establish how to work within this field.

From May 21st to 24th 2019, the 50 travel professionals joined in Mykonos, Greece, for a “White is White” cocktail-dinner celebrating the opening of this second edition of The Edge of luxury travel.


For the first day of meetings in three properties of the Myconian Resort collection: Villa, Avaton & Royal; travel designers were invited to meet the most exclusive suppliers on a terrace overseeing the Aegean sea.

While Anne-Flore Maman Larraufie -founder of Semio Consult, whose expertise in luxury brand management strategy is internationally recognized- held a conference about “Brand storytelling” inviting all the entrepreneurs to define their own luxury branding.

Destination Management Companies such as HL Adventure, Peplum La France en Privé and Crossing the Sea for example offer breathtaking expeditions. Once in a lifetime trips you’ll share with your loved ones to create long lasting memories.

Indeed overfly Iceland, land on a glacier and stay in a Private Lodge for one, fly with all your guests in your own privatized plane to spend a holiday in an exclusive Villa in the middle of Provence’s wineries to enjoy a made-to-measure Asado until the break of dawn or sail on a comfortable “Private Villa boat” while your kids enjoy their own holiday on a fully accommodated boat for the other are what The Edge of luxury travel calls “Gems”.

Talking about Private Villas Alesta Ibiza, BlueVillas, Canet Villa Estate, Althoff Villa Belrose, Masseria Pettolecchia – La Residenza, th Kivotos Mykonos and Moondance Villa are some of the finest private places in the World.

Each located magically in the center of top destinations yet secretly protected from the agitation these Private Villas offer over-the-top service including top chefs, concierge, chauffeurs, breathtaking views, morning massages, & even self-produced olive oil, almond or jams.

Inevitably when talking about a travel gem, the whole Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient Express comes to mind. With a private car service taking you to the train where a private steward will escort you to your very own private Grand Suite. You’ll be transported right through time travelling Europe for 6 nights in VIP conditions.
Starting at 158 800 € this unique “journey of discovery” (there is only Venice Simplon-Orient Express) will start in the heart of Chelsea in London ending at its peak in a Private Palazzo of Venice.

Aman, Park Hyatt Vienna, Poseidonion Grand Hotel and Bvlgari Dubai also have the perfect definition of Haute Villégiature. All welcoming their guests in Private Villa hotels located on islands with the secrecy of a Palace.
With prices between 100 000 and 215 000 € these exceptional luxury combinations provides unforgettable weeks.

Regarding travel organization and tailor-made experiences at The Edge of luxury travel all designers are experts when it comes to fitting to the craziest demands for their clients. Janine Yu from Indagare Travel, USA, had her clients dig Dinosaur’s bone in Mongolia, Yves Abitbol (MY Concierge, France) had them feed baby Tigers in their own gardens for a family’s son’s 5th birthday and Andrew Newman (BlackTie Travel, Canada) had the fountains of the Bellagio in Las Vegas dance to “My Heart Will Go On” for one of his client’s romantic escape with his wife.

But luxury isn’t always about the more. As it is often said “less is more” is the ultra-definition of luxury. With extremely busy and active customers sometimes the best way to approach perfection in terms of vacation is by offering a week of silence in the middle of no-where.

This is what Hana Peskova from Amazing Tours, Czech Republic, had the chance to create for one of her very loyal client. A Luxury retreat in Maldives, surrounded by nature’s beauty, with no one else but the people he loves the most. Everyone in the family enjoyed it so much they booked it again just after coming back aiming to spend all their future vacations there.

In a totally different register Harry Rowe from Cookson Adventures, UK, designs “conservation focused” trips to Papua building tree houses with all the facilities of a 5-star hotel that will then remain in place and be used for the population’s leisure activities.

Luxury is also about making the impossible happen for example by visiting some of the most protected locations like Sudan’s Pyramids although it remains as we speak legally forbidden.

Maud Auvray from Peplum, France, organized a private jet World Tour for a family of 4 through Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, San Fransisco & New York. Fun fact: the two small children flew alone all the way to Japan to meet their parents.

KFT Corporation created a 4-days trip to Japan for the Cherry Blossoms period at 400 000€ organizing private dinners, Geisha dances and meeting with the Japan Indian Ambassador.

To sum up The Edge reunited once again the finest, the excellence in terms of luxury travel aiming to reach at the Haute Villégiature quality.

Following this wonderful second edition, Traveller Made® is now scouting other beautiful secret spots to host the following, happening this time at the end of September 2020.