TL Portfolio



tl-logoLaunched in 2012 by Tina Lyra, TL Portfolio is a full-service sales & communication firm representing the sales and marketing, public relations and branding needs of some of the world’s most exclusive travel experiences and destinations to the Latin American market, with offices in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Mexico City.



2012: Opening of TL Portfolio in São Paulo, Brazil by Tina Lyra, focused on authentic, privately–owned properties which offer unique experiences around the world.
2013: TL Portfolio launches the now infamous “TL Picnic” at Travelweek São Paulo, the most anticipated events at one of Latin America’s most important travel-shows.
2015: TL Portfolio opens their first international PR office in Santiago, Chile
2015: TL Portfolio welcomes the first privately-owned hotel group to the portfolio with the arrival of COMO Hotels
2016: TL Portfolio opens their first international sales office in Buenos Aires, Argentina; overseeing the Spanish-speaking countries in South American.
2016: TL Portfolio becomes a preferred Virtuoso partner
2016: TL Portfolio becomes a Traveller Made partner
2016: TL Portfolio launches TL Talks, a series of lectures with renowned guest speakers
2016: TL Portfolio celebrates 4 years with 40 unique experiences around the globe and a fantastic team of 14 powerful women across Latin America
2017: TL Portfolio opens their first office in Mexico





Travessa Lucia Albertina Soares Quadros, casa 7
Itaim Bibi – São Paulo, Brazil
+55 (0)11 5687 7203