Traveller Made® is going global!

We are delighted to announce that Traveller Made’s network community of luxury travel designers is expanding worldwide.


One year after announcing, on 29th September 2013, its first 40 Member Agencies in Europe, Traveller Made® has achieved today its stated goal of welcoming 100 high-end Member Agencies across 24 European Countries.


During this first year, non-European travel designers as well as Hotel and DMC Partners have been spurring us to go global”, reported Quentin Desurmont, President of Traveller Made®. “And since our enterprise was initially focused on the European market, we had to seriously weigh this new possibility. Then, 2 months ago we decided that going global now made perfect sense and was fully in line with our initial objectives. In fact, this move was essential in providing increasing benefits for all our Member Agencies and Partners.


Several reasons supported the decision for Traveller Made® to go global:

– The expansion of luxury travel designer “boutiques” dedicated to providing excellence in travel services to the ultra-wealthy families had initially been identified as being a European trend. However, it soon appeared to be a fast growing international phenomenon, even in very mature regions.

– Going global in our industry is not anymore like a space conquest; we are in the 21st century. We are all making business globally already, and quite easily so.

– Critical mass, in a network like Traveller Made®, is essential to the success of its community. To satisfy Partners’ growth we must be able to bring in strong and successful Members. But as we strive for authentic luxury, we cannot think of going down market. Expanding global is therefore the only and natural answer to mutual growth.

– The timing is appropriate. One of our objectives is to improve best practices.
The goal and purpose of a network like Traveller Made® is to help elevate all its Members and Partners to new ways of working together, so as to deliver more service and value to their clients and guests. This process happening in progressive leaps, it makes sense to regroup a majority of luxury travel designers at an early stage to make sure no mature region gets left behind.

– We love diversity. Bringing Europeans together is complicated, but it makes us attuned to culture diversity and love the quest for efficient common denominators toward a common end. Our initial results have demonstrated this ability.
Of course, the world is a bigger undertaking than Europe, but it is a challenge we embrace with an insatiable desire, backed by empathy and proven taste for cooperation.


If you are a true Luxury Travel Designer, creating pure luxury travel experiences for ultra-wealthy clients in your country, and if you would love to join the new global luxury travel family, wherever you are located in the world, on all continents, then call us, there is a place for you with us!


Traveller Made® has already registered Member Agencies outside of Europe. They will gradually appear on our website in the coming weeks.


About Traveller Made®
Traveller Made® is the network community of luxury travel designers dedicated to providing unique and exclusive bespoke journeys to travellers looking for different and original experiences and requiring skilled and knowledgeable advisors who are fully committed to servicing their needs.



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